Tuesday, January 7, 2014

There are things we cannot change.

For instance,
Sometimes your favorite band plays a concert in your city. Sometimes, when they play in a iconic venue, you find yourself just one month too young to attend. 

It seems like a huge, monumentous deal.  Maybe it is, for you. But there is something that you must remember:

Everything happens for a reason. 

There is no such thing as coincidence. There has to be a reason that you were so close, yet so far from seeing this show. Yes, it is probably a fantastic show.  Yes, you've been waiting for this band to come to town. But if something that you have no control over is keeping you from it, there is nothing that you can do but thank God for working everything together for your good. If you are going to claim to trust Him with everything in your life, you must trust Him with this.

Oh, and you shouldn't lock yourself in your room the night of the concert and play the band's touring album vinyl repeatedly whilst wallowing in self-pitty over things you can't change. Yeah, don't do that. 

But do wish your friends who can go a wonderful time. :) 

And remember: 

It's only a concert. 


*this post is a non-hypothetical letter to myself. I needed to convince me that this situation is out of my control and that I need to learn how to deal with this kind of thing. Excuse the ranting part. 

~Heather Rose


  1. :( Sorry, Heather. For so long, I was the youngest in my group of friends and was in the same position many times. I know the feeling well.

    1. thanks, Amber. I just keep remembering that this won't last long. There's only a little bit of time before things like this won't be a problem anymore. :)