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On "Because He Lives"

I don't know how familiar you are with hymns. I'm as familiar as one can get after spending five years hearing them every morning in one's video class, plus what one is exposed to in the contemporary world of Jesus music. It is not at all uncommon for artists to cover a hymn or two, and one of my favorite examples of this is the last track on the last album from the David Crowder* Band. (Honestly, I enjoy any hymn/chorus that David Crowder does, and he seems to be quite fond of them himself.)

Because He Lives (written by William Gaither):

Today, this hymn was sung in my Bible class video. They speed up the tempo too fast for my taste, but it's still one of my favorites. If you're going to listen to a hymn, you have to read the words. Hymns and choruses are bursting with truth and poetry and the subtle beauty of a heart's cry, and you can't always see that if you don't take time to read the words.

However, an infamous part of hymn-singing is the often ig…