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A Letter in the Style of Screwtape, I

(This was originally posted on the Table of Contents Blog with a rather lengthy intro. If you'd like to read it, be my guest. I do believe that a blog post on C.S. Lewis' book, The Screwtape Letters, is in order. That is what this piece is fashioned after, and why I loosely call this a fan fiction.)

A Letter in the Style of Screwtape
My dear Legionem,                 I need not inform you of the simplicity of your situation. You, fortunate nephew, have been given of the most practiced tasks available for a devil of your status. The young female mortal with whom you are charged is not unlike a thousand others that have been successfully snatched from the possession of the Enemy and delivered, oozing with sins and self, unto our banquet table. She is, no doubt, ignorant of your presence or the very possibility of a tempter’s presence in her tiny mind. She believes herself to be completely without wrong. This is quite an ideal situation for you, and I hope to our Father Below tha…