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Music from a Garden

My, I've been absent from this blog for a while!
I suppose it's because I've always reserved this blog for essays and book reviews and things of that nature that aren't so personal, and in the past few months life has been pretty full of personal events. Perhaps I'll take some time to blog about all the changes and new things one day, but for the meantime I have a band that I'd love to introduce you to...

The Gray Havens.

The first song that I heard from them was Silver:
When I first heard it, I just thought "Hey, this is a cool song."
But then I read the Warden and the Wolf King, and this song matches the plot surprisingly well. That makes this one of my favorite songs of all time, because the WatWK is my favorite book.
(Can anyone who has read it attest to the similarities?)

This week I finally bought their EP, Where Eyes Don't Go.  I was hoping for another narrative song or two, and was delighted to find that pretty much the whole thing is cons…