Chasing Blue Skies

Yesterday, my photographer friend and I went on an adventure. It was a patchily-rainy day, but we could see blue skies peeking through the clouds. Ergo, out adventure was titled "Chasing blue skies" (we thought it sounded like an album name or something to that effect.)

She, being the professional, got far better/more pictures than I did. Combining those with the ones I got, I'd call it quite a successful adventure. Here's a few of the shots that I had:

These are from a cute little yoga place in a slightly-sketchy alley. 


I got a good one of the flag outside of the British antiques store:

And it's not New Orleans if there's no beads draped over wrought-iron gates:

After we stopped at Whole Foods for lunch, we went to Audubon Park to climb trees:

where she captured my countenance when talking to Financial Aid:

That's about it for my pictures.

Here's to the next adventure!

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