What I've learned

Last time I wrote here, I wasn't sure if I would be attending school this semester at all.

Now, as I'm writing, I'm into the third week of classes, and using this blog to avoid homework. (Not really. But sort of.)

I'm sitting here surrounded by the people that I've basically been living with. That's what happens when you literally live in the building that your entire group of friends spend all of their free time in. It's a great thing, never having to do more than step outside of your bedroom door to fellowship with people. It's caused me to love this ministry and the people involved more than I did before. I've learned to take ownership of sorts over this building, which makes it feel more like home than it already did.

The downside to living here, however, is pretty much the same as the best part. I love these people dearly, but I'm with them all the time. I have interactions with people every day, all week long. It's great, but it's very draining. Last semester, I discovered that I'm a little more than slightly introverted, in that I need some time every day spent by myself. The first few days of this semester, I didn't try to make this time that I need. I let myself get drained of energy and emotion. The result was a weekend entirely spend sleeping. I learned that I need to re-establish my refresh time in my daily routine.

But it's more than finding "Heather time." I needed to find "Heather and Jesus time." That refilling of the presence of the Lord is so precious, and so much more needed than I ever seem to realize. And yet, every time, He's waiting there to spend time with me. The Creator of the Universe takes time for me, and every time I remember that, I feel the joy over again.

So that's been a continuing revelation. But I've been learning something else too.

God has a great sense of humor.

I'm not just taking classes that are difficult to juggle, I'm working (yes, actual job) in the chem lab. Not only am I working in the chem lab, which is the absolute least likely place on this entire campus for me to be employed, but I'm working for the professor and class that I took last semester. I still laugh at the thought. God gave me a job (and I know He gave it, because I didn't try very hard AT ALL to keep it, and I still got it) in the one place that I didn't want to, or even think of, working. I just have to keep telling myself that it'll help me grow in my chemistry skills. Because I totally have chemistry skills to begin with. Sure.

That's a general update on how my semester has been going, along with having an absolute blast with the new freshmen. I'm excited to see what the Lord has in store for the rest of this year.

Here's to whenever there's something else interesting to write about!

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