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I just realized that I finished reading the last book left in Marilynne Robinson's trilogy based on her book Gilead, without posting a review like I had for Gilead and Lila. It's been a few weeks since I finished it, but I will do my best to write out all the feelings and thoughts that this book brought me, which will hopefully encourage anyone looking for a reading experience to consider these books.

Why 14 year old me wouldn't recognize 20 year old me

I started this blog when I was fourteen. Don't go looking for those posts, I've definitely hidden them. But if you were to read fourteen-year-old Heather's posts, you would find the words of a heavily convicted young Christian. (and I say "young Christian" to mean young in the faith.) She didn't listen to secular music, and had very definitive reasons why she didn't. She wasn't on Facebook, and she also had very definitive reasons for that. She didn't date, or believe that other teenagers should be dating. Of these three, she had the most reasons to defend this one.