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Every Captive Free

In honor of today's cause, I just wanted to quickly share a song that has ministered to my heart greatly, and follows the theme of freedom.  Today is the #EnditMovement's day to Shine a Light on Slavery, meaning the modern day travesty of human trafficking. This cause broke my heart a long time ago, and it's something I believe no one but the Lord can truly heal out of our culture. This song is a testament, as if from Jesus' perspective, of how He desires to set us all free from sin. The root of human trafficking, and the entirety of the sex industry, is the demand, which is fruit of nothing but the sinful, deplorable hearts of people.  The only true way to set those physically, wholly enslaved by the sex industry free is to abolish the demand, and that can only happen by the delivering power of He who died and rose again to deliver us. Slaves aren't the only ones who need to be set free. Those who create the need for this industry need to be set free from the bond…