Every Captive Free

In honor of today's cause, I just wanted to quickly share a song that has ministered to my heart greatly, and follows the theme of freedom. 
Today is the #EnditMovement's day to Shine a Light on Slavery, meaning the modern day travesty of human trafficking. This cause broke my heart a long time ago, and it's something I believe no one but the Lord can truly heal out of our culture.
This song is a testament, as if from Jesus' perspective, of how He desires to set us all free from sin. The root of human trafficking, and the entirety of the sex industry, is the demand, which is fruit of nothing but the sinful, deplorable hearts of people.
 The only true way to set those physically, wholly enslaved by the sex industry free is to abolish the demand, and that can only happen by the delivering power of He who died and rose again to deliver us. Slaves aren't the only ones who need to be set free. Those who create the need for this industry need to be set free from the bondage of sin and death. 
It's hard for me to pray compassionately for them, because my heart's first reaction is anger and hatred for anyone who would provoke and propitiate such exploitation and abuse on another human being. But hatred is not what we are called to. 
God sees value in everyone. This means especially the people whom I don't believe deserve a second chance. His grace is ESPECIALLY for those whom I don't think deserve it. And that's important. 
His grace is for those who need it most. And this hatred that I am prone to proves that I am included in that number. 
We are called to love, and to pray for our enemies. Pray for those who we feel justified in saying we think don't need mercy. But we have also offended the same God, and He extended the same grace to us that He desires to extend to them. He desires to heal them as He has healed me. For that, I should be immensely grateful. 
He seeks to set captives free, and mend the brokenhearted, and cleanse them in their brokenness. His heart is broken for their suffering, and He acts on that in deliverance. 
Today I'm praying for deliverance, for me from sin, and for fellow mankind from sin, and for the hundreds of thousands around the world whose lives are stolen from them to feed the sinful desires of the more fortunate. 

"For the spirit of the Lord God is upon me
Because He has anointed me to preach good news
Take away all of the sorrow and your mourning
To give the oil of joy and the garment of praise

For I have seen you in your captivity
And I will open up every prison door
So arise, and shine for your light is coming
And My glory is rising upon You

And I am dancing over you
And I am singing over you
Songs of deliverance
And I will set every captive free
And you will be with me

For you are mine

And I will carry the weight
Of all your iniquities
I've carried the burden
Of all your shame
And I've called you by name
I've called you by name
And you are mine"

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