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Must be something about the spring

I realize that I haven't been remotely close to frequently posting on this blog since I've started college, but I have noticed that I tend to write one update-like post every spring semester.

Well, guess what time of year it is...

It must be something about the spring that makes me feel nostalgic and start looking back at memories, and changes that have nestled themselves firmly between them.

This is my second semester of my Junior year. Last night, I (by much force and determination not my own) stayed up to schedule my first semester of my Senior year. That's so shocking to me it's almost unsettling. The time of the semester came around in which I ritually ask around for what day registration opens for my classification, and suddenly the answer I was receiving was "Oh, Seniors register on Wednesday."

You mean to tell me I'm not waiting until the end of the week when all of the upper classmen are done? You mean I'm one of the ones who gets to go first…